Building Works

Building Works

Patron/Trustee approval must be sought by the Board of Management from St. Senan’s Education Office prior to undertaking any alternation, extension or replacement of the school building and/or grounds.  This approval may be sought by contacting Gwen O Sullivan at St. Senan’s Education Office.

Patron/Trustee approval is required in the following circumstances: 

  1. Where a Board is making an application to the Department of Education for funding to carry out works (eg emergency works, summer works, additional accommodation, major capital works etc)
  2. When funding has been granted by the Department of Education as a result of an application for funding.  The approval of the Patron/Trustees must be sought prior to the commencement of the works

If a Board of Management is interested in applying for funding from sources other than the Department of Education, please contact Gwen at the office for advice prior to submitting the application. 

Please note: 

Written agreement to building works from the Parish Priest/Administrator/Moderator is also required if your school is based in the Diocese of Limerick, Killaloe or Kerry, a copy of which the Board will be asked to forward to St. Senan’s Education Office.

If your school is based in the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly, please contact Gwen for advice on this stage of the process

Circular 0027-2019 Multi-Annual Summer Works Scheme 2020 Onwards

Circular 0068-2020 Emergency Works Grant Scheme