Unpaid Leave


(Should be read in conjunction with the General Provisions for All Schemes, and Definitions as laid out in Circular 0054/2019)

Unpaid Leave may be granted in exceptional circumstances where the employer is satisfied that there is a compelling obligation involving absence from duty.
The maximum amount of Unpaid Leave which may be taken in one school year is 10 school days. Substitution for such days will be paid by the Department.
Unpaid Leave absences must not be of a recurring nature.
Unpaid Leave must not be used to substitute other forms of leave.

                                                    Application Procedures

Applications for Unpaid Leave should be made to the employer at least 6 weeks prior to the planned commencement date, using the Application Form, Appendix A.
The employer must provide the teacher with a written notice of their decision to approve/refuse the leave application. Where an application is refused, the employer must include the grounds for refusal.

                                                   Status during Unpaid Leave
An Unpaid Leave absence for part of a school day will be recorded as a full day’s absence.
A teacher on approved Unpaid Leave is deemed for all purposes to be in employment at that time, with the exception of remuneration and superannuation.

                                            Employment while on Unpaid Leave
A teacher absent on Unpaid Leave may not engage in any type of teaching or any other paid employment.