March 22, 2022
Schools Excellence Fund- Creative Clusters Guidelines and Application Form

Click here for guidelines and application form for the Creative Clusters initiative.

March 11, 2022
Schools Reconfiguration for Diversity- Transfer of Patronage of Primary Schools-Information for School Communities, School Authorities and Parents/Guardians.

Department of Education publications on the transfer of patronage of schools for school communities, school authorities, and parents/guardians.

March 09, 2022
Recruitment Training

Recruitment training for principals, chairpersons and independent assessors will take place at the beginning of Term 3. (Times, dates and venues to be confirmed)

March 09, 2022
Expansion of the DEIS Programme to include 310 new schools

Minister Foley announces €32 million expansion of the DEIS programme incorporating 310 new schools.

March 07, 2022
Supporting Children and Young People in a Time of War

"Supporting Children and Young People in a Time of War"- Department of Education Advice for School Staff

March 06, 2022
Revision of Salaries for Special Needs Assistants

The Minister for Education wishes to inform management authorities and SNAs of revised rates of salary with effect from 1st February 2022. 

March 03, 2022
Department of Education Press Release 2nd March 2022

Ministers Foley and Madigan announce establishment of a scheme to provide Irish Sign Language Support for children whose primary language is Irish Sign Language (ISL) and who are attending recognised schools.

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